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Workshop su Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic Programming

CARIPLO Workshop on Numerical Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic Programming
An ICMS Associated Meeting
September 3 -- 5, 2008

** Funding for young researchers and PhD students available from ** **
the Cariplo foundation through the University of Bergamo. ** **
See below for details **

This workshop aims to bring together, for training and networking purposes, PhD students, young researchers and experts in the diverse aspects of numerical linear and nonlinear stochastic programming. This is the second workshop in a series of events supported by the Cariplo foundation. A first meeting was held at the University of Bergamo in April 2007 (Spring School in Stochastic Programming).

We invite presentations in all areas of numerical linear and nonlinear stochastic programming.

# Programme

The program of the Workshop consists of plenary lectures that give an overview over the various aspects of numerical linear and nonlinear stochastic programming, discussion sessions and contributed talks by
conference participants.

# Keynote Plenary Lectures given by

Giorgio Consigli, University of Bergamo, Italy
Michael Dempster, University of Cambridge, UK
Alex McNeil, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Gautam Mitra, Brunel University, UK
Georg Pflug, University of Vienna, Austria
Marc Steinbach, University of Hannover, Germany

# Important Dates:

Early registration: 1 August 2008
Abstract submission: 1 July 2008
Application for Sponsorships: 15 June 2008

# Scholarships

Twenty-five scholarships for a value of up to EUR300 each, to cover travel, accommodation and registration costs are available from the Cariplo Foundation through the University of Bergamo. Participants interested in these scholarships should send an abstract of their talk and a short CV to:

Giorgio Consigli ( or
Andreas Grothey (

Applications will be processed as they arrive. The closing date for sponsorship applications is 15 June 2008. Successful sponsorships will be communicated at the latest 4 weeks after their submission. Only
actually incurred costs will be refunded after the event.

# Website

Visit the conference website at
for the latest information regarding the application procedure for scholarships and the conference.

# Scientific committee

Giorgio Consigli, University of Bergamo (Italy)
Alexei Gaivoronski, University of Trondheim (Norway)
Jacek Gondzio, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Andreas Grothey , University of Edinburgh (UK)
Gautam Mitra, Brunel University (UK)
Georg Pflug, University of Vienna (Austria)

# Organizing committee

Andreas Grothey (chairman)
Coralia Cartis
Marco Colombo
Jacek Gondzio

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